Michele Benzamin-Miki sees art as a 'possibility filter,' using brushwork to heal, transform, and open minds. Her life as a performance artist, activist, and mentor intertwines with over four decades of teaching Zen meditation, Aikido, and Japanese swordsmanship. Art is integral to her spirituality, often beginning with meditation to manifest inner visions onto paper using water mediums, Japanese inks, and figurative pencil work.

Dreams are a vital part of Michele's process, often realized on paper and canvas from her dream journal. Self-taught and influenced by Japanese and European heritage, her art blends Eastern and Western styles, cultures, and philosophies.

From a young age, Michele drew and eventually gained commissions for portraits. Transitioning from airbrushing in the 70s and 80s to 'Pop Art' in the late 80s, she exhibited widely. Toxicity from airbrushing led her to oil painting, and later, integrating Japanese inks into her work. Michele's art has been showcased in museums and galleries across several states.