Welcome to Studio CT Design, where creativity meets craftsmanship and innovation intertwines with inspiration. Nestled in the heart of our design gallery, you'll discover a curated collection showcasing the work of iconic photographers and artists, each piece meticulously chosen to ignite imagination and evoke emotion.

Our passion for design extends far beyond the walls adorned with artistic masterpieces. At Studio CT Design, we offer an extensive array of services tailored to transform your vision into reality. From interior design to construction, custom framing to bespoke furniture, and procurement to much more, we are dedicated to bringing your dreams to life.

What sets us apart is our commitment to custom work. We thrive on the challenge of turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments, weaving narratives that resonate with every corner and crevice. Our team of talented artisans and designers possesses the expertise and ingenuity to craft personalized experiences that transcend expectations.

Whether you're seeking to revitalize your home, office, or commercial space, Studio CT Design is here to guide you on your design journey. Let us collaborate with you to create spaces that not only reflect your style but also tell captivating stories. Welcome to a world where every detail matters, and every space has a story to tell..

For direct inquiries regarding custom furniture and design, please contact:
Shanesa Fath | Email: shanesa@studioctdesign.com

For direct inquiries regarding purchasing photography and custom framing, please contact:
Howard Finn | Email: finn@studioctdesign.com • Phone: 818.584.4207