Live Rock History

Richard began photographing Rock bands in the late 1960s.As a teenager he began shooting rock concerts for local concert promoters.  He soon branched out into a career that would include many album covers, magazine spreads and poster art.  He shot his first album cover at 16, Steve Miller's "Rock Love".  In time his photography began appearing regularly in magazines, on billboards, ads and more album  cover art.  Moving to Los angeles at 19, Richard got his first break at Warner Records where he was given the opportunity to travel with and photograph bands like Rod Stewart and the Faces, Van Halen and  bands for other labels as well.  Upper's resume also includes album covers for Santana, Rod Stewart, Rory Gallagher,  as well as a 30-minute rockumentary on Blondie shot in 1977 at the Whiskey a Go Go.  Currently Richard has assembled his archives of vintage rock images and has shown his work in galleries around the U.S. and Europe.