Cobblestone & Vines

General Contractor (LIC# 913925)

Welcome to Cobblestone & Vines Custom Design, where we specialize in crafting exquisite residential and hospitality spaces. From inception to completion, we meticulously oversee every aspect of your home's design and construction, ensuring unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

INITIAL CONSULTATION - Our journey begins with a personal consultation, where we delve into your unique needs, desires, and lifestyle. Understanding your preferences allows us to tailor every aspect of the design to reflect your vision of luxury living.

SITE VISIT - We go the extra mile by traveling to your location for an on-site assessment. This enables us to fully grasp the nuances of the terrain and capture the dynamic views surrounding your property, ensuring that your dream home seamlessly integrates with its environment.

CUSTOMIZED DESIGN PROCESS - With insights gained from our consultation and site visit, we embark on the design process. From crafting floor plans and exterior elevations to detailing every electrical outlet and landscaping feature, our team meticulously refines each element to embody the elegance and luxury you deserve.

FINALIZATION AND PERMITTING- Once you've approved every aspect of the design, we handle all necessary paperwork for permit submission. Our streamlined approach ensures expedited permit approval, minimizing delays and maximizing your peace of mind.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION - Our commitment to excellence extends beyond design approval. We seamlessly integrate with your builder and interior designer, providing ongoing support and expertise to ensure the realization of your dream home aligns perfectly with your expectations.

At Cobblestone and Vines Custom Design, we don't just build homes – we create timeless havens where luxury meets comfort.

To request a consultation, please text Nancy Fath at 805.444.1586 or email