Nancy Fath

Co-founder & General Contractor - LIC# 913925

Meet Nancy Fath, the driving force behind Studio CT's innovative designs and impeccable construction. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Nancy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project she undertakes. As co-founder, general contractor, and head of design & build at Studio CT, Nancy seamlessly integrates her passion for design with her adept construction skills, ensuring each client's vision is brought to life with precision and wisdom. As the leader of Cobblestone & Vines, Studio CT's construction division, Nancy oversees every aspect of the building process, ensuring the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship are maintained throughout. With Nancy at the helm, Studio CT continues to exceed expectations and set new standards of excellence in the world of design and construction.

Shanesa Fath

Co-founder & Designer

Introducing Shanesa Fath, the creative genius behind Studio CT's stunning designs and bespoke furniture pieces. As co-founder and lead designer, Shanesa brings her unique vision and passion for craftsmanship to every project she undertakes. Specializing in custom woodwork, upholstery, and art curation, Shanesa elevates spaces with her meticulous attention to detail and flair for creativity. With expertise in furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE), she ensures that every element within a space harmonizes seamlessly, reflecting the client's personality and style. Shanesa's dedication to excellence and her ability to transform spaces into works of art make her an invaluable asset to the Studio CT team.

Alec Stroyeck

Project Manager

Meet Alec Stroyeck, the meticulous project manager overseeing the construction endeavors of Studio CT's esteemed Cobblestone & Vines division. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for efficiency, Alec ensures that every construction project is executed flawlessly from inception to completion. His extensive experience and expertise in construction management make him an invaluable asset to the Studio CT team, where he navigates the complexities of each project with finesse and precision. Alec's dedication to delivering projects on time and within budget, coupled with his unwavering commitment to quality, ensures that Studio CT's construction projects exceed expectations every time. With Alec at the helm, clients can trust that their visions will be realized with the utmost care and professionalism.

Howard Finn

Gallery Director

Meet Howard Finn, known affectionately as Finn, the dynamic force behind Studio CT's gallery. With a deep understanding of the Studio's photographers and artists, Finn oversees our captivating collections with finesse and expertise. As director, Finn cultivates meaningful relationships with artists, fostering a vibrant creative community within Studio CT. Renowned for his captivating storytelling, Finn adds depth and intrigue to our exhibitions with his compelling narratives. With Finn leading our gallery, Studio CT continues to showcase the beauty of art in all its forms, inspiring and delighting our clients and visitors alike.

He also manages custom framing projects, ensuring that each piece is presented in its most flattering light, enhancing the ambiance of any space.

Kim Maples

Sales Consultant

Meet Kim Maples, our dedicated sales associate for Studio CT's gallery. With her keen eye for detail and passion for art, Kim provides personalized assistance to our clients, guiding them through our captivating collections with enthusiasm and expertise. Her friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge of our artists and their works ensure that every visitor receives exceptional service tailored to their tastes and preferences. Kim's commitment to fostering positive client experiences contributes to the welcoming atmosphere of our gallery, making Studio CT a destination for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Brenna Sinding

Digital Marketing Manager

Introducing Brenna Sinding, our Digital Marketing Manager at Studio CT, where artistry meets innovation. Brenna brings her expertise in digital marketing to elevate our online presence and expand our reach across digital platforms. With a passion for marketing and a keen understanding of design aesthetics, she crafts our website to showcase the essence of Studio CT's unique blend of interior design and artistry. Brenna's strategic approach to digital marketing ensures that our studio and gallery receive the visibility they deserve, connecting us with art enthusiasts and clients worldwide. With Brenna driving our digital initiatives, Studio CT continues to flourish in the digital landscape, captivating audiences with our compelling narrative and unparalleled creativity.